Meet Jada

Y’all spoken here – That’s a phrase that many longtime Southwest Floridan residents will remember Jada delivering at the end of her parent’s auto dealership commercials. Having been the spokesperson for Langford Ford for 23 years, we watched Jada grow up right in front of us on our TV screens.


Jada graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Her educational experience coupled with her passion to see kids grow and develop academically led her to a 20-year career in the classroom as a teacher. Unfortunately, policies and dysfunction within the Lee County School District drove her away from the classroom and into the private sector. During her more than 5 years of corporate experience, Jada developed a strong understanding of managing budgets, increasing productivity, and making the difficult decisions that are necessary to make a business successful. Her experience and successes in corporate America prepared her for her next endeavor as an entrepreneur. Jada is a physical fitness trainer who helps high school athletes and individuals from all walks of life meet their fitness goals.


Jada is running for the Lee County School Board to bring the education of our children back to the forefront of the district’s priorities. She is determined to change the current culture and put parents and taxpayers back in charge of our schools. For too long, the bureaucracy led by liberal special interests have dominated the decision-making process, and Jada aims to put that practice to an end. She will reestablish trust and accountability between the district and the taxpayers and families of Lee County.


A 7th generation Floridian, Jada’s roots run deep in Southwest Florida. A native of LaBelle, Jada and her husband Matt are raising her 3 children in Ft Myers. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with youth sports, spending time with her family, and enjoying Southwest Florida’s waterways.

Jada On The Issues

Kids First

As a parent and former teacher, Jada believes the Lee County School District has lost their focus on their primary responsibility of educating our children. Overly concerned with cultural pressures, the focus has been taken away from core curriculum and student excellence. Jada is determined to get Lee County schools back on track and put students first. From academics to extracurricular activities, she will move resources away from the bureaucracy and direct them towards educating our children.

They Work For You

The School Board is funded by our tax dollars and the members are elected to represent us. Unfortunately, most members of the School Board do not share the conservative values of Lee County, and are imposing their liberal agenda on our education system. As a conservative with her values rooted in her Christian faith, Jada’s principles will be much more reflective of those within our community. Under Jada’s leadership, parents and taxpayers, not bureaucrats and administrators, will be at the forefront of the decision-making process. Your opinion matters and Jada will always open her door to constituents, families, students, and teachers to ensure she is representing their values and supporting for their needs.

Reining In The Budget

Currently the Lee County School District has a budget of nearly two billion dollars. As a business owner and someone with extensive private sector experience, Jada is not afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to better manage our tax dollars. She will roll up her sleeves and go to work cutting waste and excessive spending in the budget to ensure our money is being used responsibly. She will put an end to our tax dollars being used to feed a top heavy bureaucracy and will redirect them back to the teachers and classrooms where they belong.

Student Safety

As a parent, Jada understands nothing is more important than keeping our children safe when they are in the care of our public schools. School safety and security will always be her top priority. Jada will fight to enact the Guardian Program in the Lee County School District adding an extra layer of protection in addition to our School Resource Officers.

Changing The Culture

The current members of the Lee County School Board live in constant conflict with one another and the administration. They are more concerned with fighting amongst themselves and gaining political victories than they are providing a world class education for our students. As a board member, Jada will put an end to this unproductive and unprofessional work environment. This would never be allowed in the private sector and Jada will not tolerate it on our School Board. She will work with her fellow board members and respect their opinions and points of view, always looking for the common areas where they can work together for the betterment of our education system and students, while never compromising her principles.

Education Not Indoctrination

Jada understands our students need to be prepared for a successful future, regardless if they continue onto higher education or go straight into the workforce. She believes it is the responsibility of the schools to teach students how to learn, not what to learn and that a greater focus needs to be spent on core curriculum like math, English, science, and civics. She strongly opposes curriculum that aims to politically indoctrinate students such as that found in Critical Race Theory. Jada believes values and opinions should be taught at home by the family and schools need to focus on creating well rounded, educated students who are ready for success in the everchanging world.

End The Tax

Jada will fight to put an end to the half cent sales tax brought forth by the current board. Our school district never had a revenue problem, it had a self-created spending problem. This irresponsible tax was pushed on us with misinformation through a campaign of smoke and mirrors and Jada is determined to repeal the tax.

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